Gilbert, AZ: Windy City Equipment Service, Inc. announced today that it has adopted XOi Vision™, a cloud platform for enhancing field service by increasing transparency and improving communication between technicians, customers, and the office. Vision™ enables technicians in the field to capture video and photos through mobile devices and share that content within quotes, work orders or invoices—providing an exceptional level of trust and transparency for customers.

“One of our mantras is to ‘change the perception of the service industry.’ I believe the best way to change perception is to offer customers complete transparency, and that is why we chose XOi Vision™,” said Josh Zolin, Windy City’s CEO.

Founded in 2003 by Josh Zolin’s father, Joel Zolin, Arizona-based Windy City Equipment initially focused on servicing hot side equipment in smaller independent restaurants. Sixteen years later, the company sells and services hot side, refrigeration, and HVAC equipment and serves over 2,000 restaurants and institutions. With a three-year growth rate of 327%, Windy City made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing U.S. businesses in 2018.

Josh Zolin focuses on using technology to give customers a transparent service experience that differentiates Windy City from competitors. In 2013, he launched a YouTube channel to demonstrate basic ‘do-it-yourself’ repairs and maintenance for common commercial kitchen equipment. The response was phenomenal, with new customers coming in because the free content earned their trust.

Windy City then adopted SamPro field service management software by Data-Basics to increase service efficiency. Zolin chose the integrated XOi Vision™ solution to elevate transparency and transform the deliverable to the customer. Service technicians use video to demonstrate exactly what is wrong with equipment and document resolutions.

Feedback from both kitchen staff and facilities managers has been positive. Customers feel more comfortable and confident in their understanding of equipment issues and resolutions after watching videos.

In addition to adding transparency, Vision improves the customer experience by ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in the office. Internal departments use information captured in Vision to create accurate bids, order the correct parts, and bill more efficiently. Vision helps Windy City better manage the lifecycle of work orders and maximize completion rates.

“Many companies in our field are afraid to show or teach customers for fear of losing business, exposing secrets, or revealing service techniques. At Windy City, we choose to be an open book. We want to put customers’ minds at ease by showing them what we’re doing. This is the way the world is going, and our intent is to be ahead of the curve on transparency,” said Zolin.

About Windy City Equipment:

Windy City Equipment Service, Inc. was founded by owner, Joel Zolin. Starting out as a one-man operation that repaired just a few pieces of restaurant equipment, it has since grown to accommodate over 2,000 restaurants and institutions throughout Arizona and now distributes commercial kitchen equipment and food service parts nationwide.

About XOi Technologies: Vision™ by XOi Technologies is a cloud-based mobile app that enables technicians to use smart photos and videos to virtually bring the entire service team and customers to the jobsite with them. This means you can connect techs through live support to complete more jobs, with less techs, at higher quality. Plus, your customers can see the jobsite as you see it to provide a totally transformed deliverable to your customers in the form of rich visual content. Not only does this build immediate trust between you and your customers, but also establishes a digital history for every customer and provides digital transparency through photos and videos included in everything from proposals through service delivery and billing. www.xoi.io

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Josh Zolin

Windy City Equipment Service, Inc.

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