FM Corner #21 – Store Visits w/ Danny Koontz

Another Episode of #FMCorner with Danny Koontz!

This week’s topic is routine for some, while others struggle to find the benefit.

STORE VISITS and why they are important.

What can be gained? Not only in R&M, but in relationships.

How can it help you as an FM?

How can it help the store manager?

Listen in for some great tips & tricks on site visits and how to maximize your time and resources. And strengthen the relationship between facilities and your ops team.

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See you next week!

The idea behind Facilities Maintenance Corner is to tap into the wisdom of a facilities management professional with more than 35 years experience in the restaurant industry. We live by the motto of “Advice is Always Free” and look to share that wisdom with other facility managers to help broaden their persepective, understanding, and knowledge to use in day to day applications. So tune in every week for what is sure to be another gold nugget of information from the legend himself, Mr Danny Koontz.

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