Joel Zolin, and his son, Josh Zolin, are proud owners of Windy City Equipment in Phoenix, AZ. After a period of time learning about the business world in Los Angeles, Josh moved to Arizona in 2008 to work with his father at Windy City Equipment. Since, the two have turned the local family business into a well-known brand.

Like many post dot-com small businesses, Windy City Equipment was started out of the home of Joel Zolin in 2003. From day one, his old school philosophy toward business has proven time and again to be an enigma in the modern day service industry. Like many business owners did at the turn of the last century, Joel began by working in the field himself, servicing restaurants, and building customer relationships that ultimately became the foundation for what would become the number one service company in Phoenix. By 2007, the business had grown to such an extent that Joel was servicing hundreds of clients in the Phoenix Metropolitan area by himself.

After learning the industry, Josh saw a need, and he decided to start production on his YouTube web series. For content, Josh set out to create repair and maintenance tutorials for restaurant owners and kitchen staff, not only to help clients take the best possible care of their equipment, but also as a customer service tool. What better way is there to know if something is broken than having an expert show you while explaining the piece or system you are working with? Often, a service such as video tutorials for a specialized industry like restaurant equipment would be available only through a subscription-based or pay-per-use platform, but Windy City Equipment has made it available to the global public for free. This serves as a great tool for clients and anyone else that is simply seeking repair and maintenance advice, while also reiterating Windy City’s philosophy that teaching a customer is more beneficial than charging a customer. They have made it clear on multiple levels; Windy City is the answer for restaurant equipment in Arizona, and maybe one day soon, the nation.


Had Josh not decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, Windy City Equipment may have still been a one man show. Now, with two generations combining forces, and a close-knit group of dedicated teammates to guide them along the way, the father-son duo has found success. Josh says that learning from his father, and contributing his own knowledge has only led Windy City Equipment to grow from strength to strength, one generation to the next, with the principle of satisfactory service, and the use of modern technology.

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